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Information on Conclusion of an Agreement on Establishing the “Science and Technology Park of Montenegro” passed

Information on Conclusion of an Agreement on Establishing the “Science and Technology Park of Montenegro” passed
Published date: 17.01.2019 09:09 | Author: Ministry of Science

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Information on Conclusion of an Agreement on Establishing the “Science and Technology Park of Montenegro” was passed at today’s session of the Government of Montenegro. Director of the Directorate for Innovation and Technological Development at the Ministry of Science, Branka Žižić, announced after the session that the Government’s decision implied a formal establishment of a new institution, as a central pillar in the scientific-innovation ecosystem of our country. Previously, in late 2018, the agreement was accepted by the Steering Committee of the University of Montenegro as well.

Science and Technology Park is a physical infrastructure – a capital facility of approximately 13,000 square meters within the university campus, and more importantly, an infrastructure that will establish new connections between business entities and universities.

“In this way, we want to boost the transition of our economy to a knowledge-based economy. The Science and Technology Park will be a place of cooperation, joint projects, education, exchange of ideas, business integration – all in a way that already exists in our country, but not sufficiently, dominantly, or visibly enough. Numerous young people focus on innovation as their business opportunity, but they often work independently, on the foreign market, without much impact on entrepreneurial and innovation culture and broader state-of-play in our country.

Furthermore, many experienced entrepreneurs, innovators and scientists with high quality ideas, relying on many years of research and experience, are waiting for some future partnerships to implement them”, Žižić said.
The intention of the Ministry of Science is for the Science and Technology Park to function as a place where innovative entrepreneurs will meet with scientists and students, future entrepreneurs and investors, where prospective business opportunities will be realised.

“We expect that certain high-tech foreign companies will also be interested in setting up their hubs here as places for education and professional orientation of employees, as well as that innovative start-ups and young enterprises with the potential of rapid growth and entering a broader market will have their place in the Park, Žižić stressed.

In addition, she emphasised that the Science and Technology Park is also networked with other activities of the Ministry of Science, such as centres of excellence, Smart Specialisation Strategy and the Programme of Incentives for Innovative Start-Ups.

“The Park is expected to be one of the most active factors in the implementation of our science policies that are related to innovation and technological development” she stated.

The founders of the Science and Technology Park are the Government and the University of Montenegro, with a share ratio of 57:43%. The facility is located in Podgorica, at Mihaila Lalića Blvd., near the building of the technical faculties, and is currently in the stage of rough construction works. The completion of construction, provided that the administrative procedures and construction works are carried out in accordance with the plan, is expected by the end of 2020. The funds for this purpose, estimated at EUR 8.4 million, will be provided by the Government of Montenegro.