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Presentation of EMBO Short-Term Fellowships held

Presentation of EMBO Short-Term Fellowships held
Published date: 09.05.2019 14:42 | Author: Ministry of Science

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Ministry of Science  Ministry of Science 

A presentation of EMBO Short-Term Fellowships, intended for the academic community, took place in the premises of the engineering faculties of the University of Montenegro in Podgorica today, with a view to promote the programme of fellowships offered by the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO).

A presentation for all those present and interested in this form of professional development and knowledge advancement was held by David del Álamo Rodríguez, EMBO Fellowships Programme Head. In addition to presenting the work of the European Molecular Biology Organization, its fellowships and possibilities provided to the students, Mr. Rodriguez particularly focused on the so-called Short-Term Fellowships as one of the simplest ways for researchers to obtain the funds for their stay and work in prestigious laboratories in the EMBO Member States.

Ministry of Science 

On that occasion, Mr. Rodriguez familiarised the attendees with the application process, requirements and deadlines to be observed, stressing the importance of meeting the criteria when preparing an application.

The scientists and researchers had a chance to obtain all the necessary information directly from the EMBO Fellowships Programme Head, as well as to get the answers to their dilemmas in an informal discussion, which should help them to complete their applications in the best way possible.

Mr. Rodriguez encouraged students to apply, stating that there were good chances that their applications would be accepted if completed properly.

Another presentation intended for researchers employed in the medical industry will take place today at 14.30 in the Children’s Hospital – Institute for Children’s Diseases.

Ministry of Science  Ministry of Science 

As part of his visit to Montenegro, Mr. Rodriguez met with Minister Damjanović as well. On this occasion, the interlocutors considered new ideas for future cooperation of Montenegro with EMBO, as well as the promotion of its fellowships.