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Toolbox set for enterprises taking part in H2020 programme

Toolbox set for enterprises taking part in H2020 programme
Published date: 11.04.2018 14:47 | Author: Ministry of Science

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A Toolbox set has been created for projects in H2020 programme involving enterprises and close to market activities (project type: Innovation action, Fast track to innovation and SME Instrument), helping enterprises to conduct the required analysis and define a reference frame that includes the key markets and business models dimensions worth to be included in their proposals. 

This frame consists of three complementary approaches (and tools) to the exploitation elements of the project: 

  • The first one looks into the operations of the business in a sense of how the business itself is created, sustained and maintained in time. This is covered with two complementary tools: the “Revenue model financial tool” and “Guiding revenue model selection tool”.
  • The second one looks into the value proposition of the business, which is the heart of the developed product, service or process within the project. This is covered with the “Value proposition tool”.
  • The third one looks around the market and the competence for the business, not only in the current situation but also into future scenarios. This is incorporated into the “Market analysis & competitor tool”.

This Toolbox set has been written as part of the Access4SMEs project (H2020-723120), with the goal of empowering the network of Horizon 2020 National Contact Points (NCPs) for Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

The Guide on How to use Toolbox set for close to market activities in H2020 is available here.