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Smart Specialisation Strategy of Montenegro (2019-2024)
is available to download here (PDF format):

Ministry of Science Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
is available to download here (PDF format): S3. me Quantitative and Qualitative analysis

Ministry of Science

Ministarstvo nauke

Smart specialisation is an innovative approach that aims to boost growth and jobs in Europe, by enabling each region to identify and develop its own competitive advantages. Through its partnership and bottom-up approach, smart specialisation brings together local authorities, academia, business spheres and the civil society, working for the implementation of long-term growth strategies supported by EU funds.

Ministarstvo nauke

Identify the region’s own strengths and comparative assets

Prioritise research and innovation investment in competitive area

Define a shared vision for regional innovation

Since 2011, the European Commission provides advice to regional and national authorities on how to develop, implement their smart specialisation strategies; via a mechanism called ‘Smart Specialisation Platform’. This Platform facilitates mutual learning, data gathering, analysis, and networking opportunities for around 170 EU regions and 18 national governments.

Thematic Smart Specialisation platforms have also been created. Regions join forces and pool resources on the basis of matching smart specialisation priorities in high valued added sectors.. For example, partnerships have been developed in the fields of 3D printing, medical technology, smart grids, solar energy, sustainable buildings, high-tech farming…

» Over 120 smart specialisation strategies have been developed.
» Over EUR 67 billion available to support these strategies, under the European Structural and Investment Funds and national / regional funding.
» Expected achievements by 2020: to bring 15.000 new products to market, create 140.000 new start-ups and 350.000 new jobs.