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Intensifying cooperation of Montenegrin research institutions with ICGEB

Intensifying cooperation of Montenegrin research institutions with ICGEB
Published date: 10.12.2019 14:48 | Author: Ministry of Science

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The Ministry of Science organised a meeting on the topic of intensifying the cooperation of Montenegrin research institutions with ICGEB.       

The meeting was organised with a view to familiarise the key actors with the opportunities offered by ICGEB so that they give their employees direct access to the acquisition of new skills and the improvement of existing ones. Particular emphasis was placed on the organisation of events (meetings and courses) funded by ICGEB, given that the deadline for application for this activity is 28 February 2020. The participants expressed their interest in improving cooperation with the Centre in order to strengthen their own capacities but also to contribute to the improvement of national policies in the relevant fields.

The meeting was attended by representatives of scientific research institutions implementing similar programmes (Institute of Public Health, Clinical Centre of Montenegro, Biotechnical Faculty (University of Montenegro), Specialised Veterinary Laboratory and Faculty for Food Technology, Food Safety and Ecology (University of Donja Gorica).

In addition to a scientific research project of the University of Montenegro – Biotechnical Faculty, approved under the 2019 Call for ICGEB-CRP Research Grants, another application from Montenegro was positively rated and ranked in 10% of the best applications / projects selected for funding. This is an application by Dr. Ljiljana Sjekloća, who applied for a postdoctoral scholarship.

The International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology from Trieste is an independent organisation within the United Nations System, which has 65 members and disposes of 46 modernly equipped laboratories in Trieste (Italy), New Delhi (India) and Cape Town (Republic of South Africa). The Centre plays a key international role in research, training and technology transfer in the field of biotechnology.

Further information on the funding of scientific meetings, workshops and courses is available here, or directly through the National ICGEB Liaison Officer:

Dr. Jelena Zindović

University of Montenegro – Biotechnical Faculty

Tel: 020/268-716