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Minister Damjanović meets UN Resident Coordinator in Montenegro Fiona McCluney

Minister Damjanović meets UN Resident Coordinator in Montenegro Fiona McCluney
Published date: 17.07.2020 12:24 | Author: Ministry of Science

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The UN Resident Coordinator in Montenegro, H. E. Fiona McCluney, paid a farewell visit to the Ministry of Science today, where she was hosted by the Minister, Dr. Sanja Damjanović.

On that occasion, the Minister reminded her interlocutor of the activities of the Ministry of Science, indicating in particular the commencement of works on the first Science and Technology Park in Montenegro, as a milestone in the future integration of the scientific research community with the economy, but also a new stimulating legislative framework for innovation and technological development, which was supported by the Montenegrin innovation community. Furthermore, minister Damjanović also reflected on the priorities to be implemented in the coming period, with regard to the adoption of two new laws by the Government of Montenegro, but also the establishment of a special institution – the Innovation Fund, which will facilitate investments in high-value innovation projects.

Finally, minister Damjanović pointed to the importance of adoption of Smart Specialisation Strategy in Montenegro, given that we are the first non-EU country to have adopted this important policy document, which can contribute to a faster economic growth in our country.

UN Resident Coordinator McCluney commended the work of the Ministry of Science, expressing in particular her satisfaction with the cooperation developed between UNDP and the Ministry during her term of office. The interlocutors jointly assessed that the present coronavirus situation had slowed down the implementation of a number of activities, but that it would not be an obstacle to further cooperation of the Ministry of Science with the UN system agencies in Montenegro, first and foremost within the framework of priorities under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.